Headphone Butler “ Stand I „

The Headphone Butler “ Stand I “ – a combination of Corian® and stainless steel. 2018

The Headphone Butler offers an innovative way of storing and presenting your high-value headphones. The unique cable rewind function is even suitable for broad Stax cables and 4-point XLR connectors. Once the cable is rewound, the headphones can be easily transported, such as from the place of sound experience to a shelf. The headphone capsules dangle without contact and are therefore able to air. The flattened placement area, as well as the milled ventilation slot ensure that the headband is ventilated as much as possible. The relatively high net weight of 0.7 kg, as well as the rubber feet by 3M™ ensure secure positioning. The “Headphone Butler” is available in black or white, and is the only headphone stand made from the solid surface material Corian®. This fascinating material is, for example, used in high-value kitchens and medical equipment. The imporous, homogenous surface harmonises with your high-quality headphones and protects the respective materials.

Client: Headphone Butler / Year: 2018 / Material: Corian®

„Headphone Butler“ Black Corian®
„Headphone Butler“ White Corian“


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