shopping basket

„baltic basket“ shopping basket 2023

I have often developed shopping baskets for customers. Due to the specifications, these tended to be very functional baskets. However, the durable, reusable shopping basket is a really good thing in itself. Disposable bags in supermarkets should have long been a thing of the past and are an avoidable environmental sin. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a paper or plastic bag, as the
paper bag usually tears at the first use and has a much worse CO₂ balance. So the cloth contact with the product was already there. Now the shopping basket had to become even more sustainable and, above all, super stylish and practical. I would humbly say that we have achieved that.

Materials: birch plywood, recycled pes, fabric, metal

Manufacture: plywood pressing – high frequency press, 5 axis cnc-milling, sewing

Customer: Baltic Basket – Karlskind GmbH