customer value, innovative, more comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly, secure, produced in a more sustainable manner, new combinations of materials, user friendly, positive design, functional, how does the customer benefit?, impressive, … customer value!

„Often, the starting point is to solve a problem. The aim is to create as much customer value as possible, which is based on value creation in relation to design, the materials used and the respective finishing.”

The design studio “bemeyn” offers industrial design services and develops products with a focus on furnitures and  lifestyle. Our services encompass everything from the initial product idea to serial production. As we work closely with the industry, we are able to incorporate technical implementation possibilities as part of the design process. By manufacturing our own prototypes by latest 3D printing technology and CNC machining, we are able to realise physical models within short timeframes, and therefore to optimise the entire product development process.

Benjamin Meyer

founder Benjamin Meyer