fruit bowl „Jonathan“

fruit bowl made of concrete and copper-plated steel.

fruit bowl „Jonathan“

Even if there is hardly any other object in such a diverse range of designs as fruit bowls, we wanted to create something new in this segment. Something that catches the eye and that people talk about because it is “different” – at the same time, of course, it should also be suitable for everyday use.

The side elements, the base plate and the ring elements are rather inhomogeneous to one another in their respective shape and only form a unit when they are put together. The round shape is broken by the angular side elements. The product-untypical design of 12 individual elements generates attention, irritates the learned perception and recognition of a product and thus positively disturbs the perception of the viewer.

The combination of 2 different materials makes the different segments stand out from each other.

The Jonathan fruit bowl combines 2 project ideas.

On the one hand, such a contemporary product as a fruit bowl should be redesigned without specifications and detailed PDS. Far away from milled wooden shells, deep-drawn metal and welded wires.

The second idea was to show the influence of different materials on an everyday product. This in terms of optics, haptic perception, but also suitability for everyday use, the manufacturing process and sustainability.